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Optus network can power diverse traffic requirements that range from mission critical uploads, downloads, voice, inter-site connectivity and traffic exchange with data centers. It offers incredible reliability at an affordable cost.
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SIP Multiline Service

Business Grade NBN

Avail of our business-grade NBN service and advance the digital capabilities of your business. It helps you support the evolving needs of your organization and allows you experience high-performance connectivity. With a Business Grade NBN connection, you will get identical speeds for upload and download. This is considered the ideal connectivity for businesses as you can experience consistent connectivity and performance.

Fibre Internet

If you are searching for fast internet service for your business, then connect to our high-performance Fibre Internet Service. Also, experience reliability, scalability, security, extreme speeds, and premium performance with the fibre internet connection for your business.

Business Mobile Plans

We offer a wide range of business plans to cater to all types of business use cases. Some businesses may need a custom tailored plan which we are happy to offer.

Device Management

Reduce the cost and headaches involved with managing your mobile Fleet. Complete end to end management of mobile devices & endpoints.

Machine to Machine (IoT)

Enterprise grade solutions for monitoring, tracking and measuring devices. We provide connectivity, hardware & a platform to manage IoT requirements.

Global Sim

Global SIM is supported by over 600 mobile carriers globally. Utilise the largest Wi-Fi network in the world, over 50 million hotspots in 180 countries.

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To become the most recognized local partner and to provide strategic digital services and reliable solutions to businesses.


To serve companies from small-scale to large-scale and help them to overcome issues with our Tech and Telco solutions.

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